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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept ?
A: We accept Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Bank Transfer.
We never charge any fees for the transactions through Bitcoin system. If you prefer to deposit via bank wire (Minimum wire transfer deposit is $10,000.) Please contact our customer support department to get your sending instructions. Funds will be credited to your account in approximately 3 to 7 days depending on when your bank processes the transfer.

Q: What is Bitcoin and how can I use it ?
A. Bitcoin is a digital currency. Just like countries use national currencies, Internet users can use digital currencies. One of these digital currency systems is Bitcoin. It is not well understood by the general population and is still considered an experimental system, but using it for simple tasks like making a single transaction is quite straightforward, as detailed below.

Creating your Bitcoin digital wallet
Download and install the latest Bitcoin client from

Transferring Bitcoins to your wallet
There are online exchangers that facilitate the exchange of fiat and bitcoins. Online exchanges accept domestic or international wires and then proceed to sell your standard currency and buy Bitcoin. Please check and for a list of exchangers.

Sending money to another Bitcoin user
So you have bitcoins on your computer now. How do you send them to other people? Simple, all you need is their Bitcoin address. Ask them for it, check their web page etc- you're looking after a bitcoin address that looks similar to yours (a long string of random characters).
Once you have the address you want to send the bitcoins to, click the "Send coins" button in the bitcoin application, enter the amount and address, and click "Send".
That's it, the money has been transferred!

Q: How can I buy and sell  Bitcoin?
A: There are exchangers where you can buy and sell Bitcoin. Please visit and for a list of major exchangers.

Q: How can I invest via Bitcoin ?
A: To make an investment, via Bitcoin please follow these steps:
1. Download and run the Bitcoin software
or get an online wallet.
2. Buy Bitcoin.  There are various methods available for buying Bitcoin. Please check Bitcoin Exchangers for a list of exchangers.
3. Open the Bitcoin software, click send Bitcoin, enter the amount you would like to send, and our Bitcoin address.

Q: How to open Perfect Money account?

  • Follow this link:;

  • Type your First Name, Last Name, VALID e-mail address and Password (twice)  then type the Turing number shown onscreen. then press the AGREE button below;

  • Check your e-mail for the Account Number to arrive. Use this number to Login to your new Perfect Money account;

  • Now you are ready to use your Perfect Money account.

Q: How can I fund my Perfect Money account?
A: Follow this link: to see the list of perfect money exchangers where you can exchange/buy/sell Perfect Money to fund your newly created Perfect Money account.

Q: Can I make a deposit by credit card?
A: Absolutely, you can make a deposit using  VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. You can use any exchange service listed at
Bitcoin Exchangers
 to purchase Bitcoin and invest with us.

Q: How can I become your new client?
A: To become our client, simply click the
Make Deposit button on the main menu and follow the screen directions. Once you have made your first deposit, then you will become one of our official members.

Q: How long does it take for my deposit to be confirmed/approved?
A: Your deposit will be added to our database and confirmed/approved once after you make the payment.

Q: Who can participate in this program ?
A: Everyone can participate in this program. We accept members from any country in the world.

Q: What does 100% insured principal investments mean?
A: This mean that your initial investment (principal) is insured and no matter what happens you will never lose your principal investment.

Q: Can I make multiple investments with your company?
A: Yes, you may invest as often as you like and with as many accounts as you like. We have no restrictions on how many times you can invest.

Q: Can I transfer funds directly into your Bitcoin account?
A: Yes. To make a direct deposit, please send payment directly to our Bitcoin account. After you have made a transfer, please send us a notification containing your Bitcoin address.

Q: What guarantees can you offer me?
A: Our successful past performance is not a guarantee of successful future performance. However, we can guarantee the return of principal at any time.

Q: Can I  make a deposit via Paypal?
A: No, unfortunately, we do not accept deposits via PayPal.  But you can easily transfer the funds you have in your PayPal accounts into Bitcoin. To do this you need to use an exchanger. To find the most suitable one, please go to Bitcoin Exchangers.

Q: Where do you pay my profits ?
A: Your profits shall be paid directly into the Bitcoin account you invested from.

Q: What is compounding?
A: Compounding is the powerful tool that allows you to earn the interest not only on the original investment, but also on the reinvestment of your daily income. You can choose all or part of your daily income to be reinvested.

Q: Do you offer compounding?
A: Yes, we do. Compounding is available for Compounded and Time Deposit plans. Do you accept Members from all over the world ?
yes we do and there is no exception.

Q: May I open several accounts with Bitcoin Investment
A: Yes, you may open as many accounts as you like.

Q: Are there any hidden taxes, administrative fees or other costs ?
A: No, we charge no administrative fees or any other kind of taxes/fees.

Q: Do you offers any referral program?
A: Yes, we pay 5% referral commission on every deposit made by your referral.
You will only have to give your personal referral link to investors attracted by you. The referral bonus will be paid directly into your e-currency account within 24 hours after the deposit has been made. Your Referral Link :
(replace "1234567" with your 
Bitcoin address or Perfect Money account number)

Q: Is it necessary to have an investment in order to participate in Affiliate Program?
A: No,
To take part in our referral program you don't need to have an active investment in our program.

Q: How do I refer others ?
A: All you have to do is promote your referral link, , Replace 1234567 with your your Bitcoin address or Perfect Money account number.




Referral Program

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